Bluesound Node N130 in bridge mode

HI, folks. I have Bluesound Node N130 connecting to Chord Electronics Qutest DAC over COAX OUT, essentially bypassing Node’s built-in DAC.

The Node itself is Roon Ready, and sure enough I see it being discovered by the software and listed.

What I want however is to have Chord DAC to be visible rather than the Node, since I do not use Node’s DAC.

Can it be done? Can I use the Node strictly as a bridge to a DAC?

Thank you!

Coax is strictly one way so roon has no idea what is at the end of it, so the answer is no.

If you use USB instead of coax roon should be able to identify the Qutest, it certainly does across my Zen Stream:

Thanks, @llatpoh and @ged_hickman1. I had setup USB as output. BluOS recognizes being connected to Chord Qutest, and in fact lists it as a DAC in its Audio settings. Roon however does not, and continues to treat the Node as the audio device rather than the bridge.

I wonder if there are additional settings in Roon I am missing that would recognize Node as a Bridge.