Bluesound Node (n130) streaming Roon from phone not working

Hello, for about a week I’m having an issue streaming from Roon on my phone to my node. If I press play on any track it looks like it’s playing but the minutes/seconds do not pass 0:00. Very strange

Everything works fine via USB, BluOS is working from my phone. I’ve reboot the phone and Roon server running off a NAS.

I’ve disabled the node in Roon , renabled set factory default settings in Roon and still nothing.

Any advice much appreciated thank you kindly.

HI Andy,

Fellow user here. Some questions to help support with additional info

  • Do you have the same issue if you start playback from a computer?

  • What is the make / model of the NAS you are using?

  • Is the Node connected via ethernet or Wifi? ( If WiFi, try using it connected by Ethernet)

  • When you say “works fine via USB”, what is the Node connected to?

  • What are you trying to play, a local file, a streaming source?

thanks for the response.

-No issues from a computer both PC and Mac via USB to a MA8900 integrated or my old CXA81
-QNAP 215 i believe, i’ve rebooted it as well same thing, has never happened before. I updated Roon app on my phone thought maybe that would fix it this morning but nothing
-everything is hard-wired no wifi
-Tidal and Local both do not work, I’ve signed out of Tidal and back in and nothing.

If i switch to BluOS for the Node works fine. If I use spotify connect to the Node works fine, back to Roon it’s odd you press play but nothing moves. If I manually move the song forward to say 1:00 minute nothing continues it stays at 1:00 if i play/pause/play. It’s quite odd.

I posted on the Bluesound forum they told me all support questions should go to Roon.

Thank you

In Roon, everything “plays” from the RoonServer, the device which you start playback is just control and not in the actual audio path.

My first question, was, if you use the Roon control app on the PC to send music to the Node, does it work then, or, does it have the same issues as the phone?

Did you try rebooting the NODE as well?

yes one of the first things I did was reboot the Node.

It’s fixed you had me thinking I just updated my app today I rebooted the node again and now it’s working. Didn’t work on the first reboot but did after the update.

Good to know for other users thanks for your help enjoying Roon.

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I’ve had the Node N130 for three days and yesterday I had an issue exactly like the one you describe. I was able to remedy it by turning on and off the Node though.

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