Bluesound Node (Not Node 2)

I was going down the RPi research route assuming that was the only affordable way to get a inexpensive ROON endpoint for non critical listening, but stumbled upon the Bluesound Node (origional) being offered for $225. I’d be happy to pay the +/- $100 premium provided it offers a reliable alternative. The 12v trigger means I can repurpose an existing power amp and skip the $125 jump to the Powernode (original) but before I do I want to be certain I’m not going to be avoiding one set of aggravations for another.

Any Node / Powernode users out there care to warn me off or cheer me on?

@HTTP_404 I’ve owned both the original Node and the Node 2. IMHO, the Node 2 is much better in terms of form and functionality. Check out this link for some thoughts by others. But if you’re cost conscious, it could be a nice addition to your system. Good luck!

Thanks Michael - that summary of changes was great. Since my use case is quite narrow, wired ethernet will be easy and the Node will sit in a closet out of sight I think it should be perfect.

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