Bluesound Node or MiniDSP SHD Studio

I’m looking for a Roon Ready stremer for my active speakers that have AES/EBU inputs. I have been eyeing the MiniDSP SHD Studio for a while but don’t want to buy before it’s Roon Ready (any day now:)

Recently I have been tempted by the Bluesound Node again in its latest incarnation. It’s cheaper, well established and has a lot of features. Does anyone here have experience connecting the Node coax out to and an AES/EBU input? Do you use a converter from 75 to 110 ohms or is that not necessary? My total cable length would be about 13 meters.

Any other experiences using the Node or SHD studio as a digital preamp with Roon? How does volume control and auto switching function in everyday use?