Bluesound node2 and Pulse Mini not discovered

I have been using Roon on a Ubuntu Server 16.04 for year without major glitches. I have made a new install (ubuntu server 20.04) on the same machine (just changed the SSD) and Roon now does not see the Bluesound node2 and the Bluesound Pulse Mini. I can use the speaker and DAC through the BluOS controler but not through Roon.

When I installed Roon, everything was cheked OK.

I have checked Roon > Settings > Audio…

What am I doing wrong???

Core Machine

Intel Nuc i3 with Ubuntu Server 20.04 and latest Roon server.

When I de-authorize the NUC server and authorize Roon on my Macbook, then the Bluesound devices appears. But when I go back to authorize the Nuc, they are not there.

What am I doing wrong???

Hi Edwin

Can you make a screenshot of settings->about for both instances.
That should make it more easy to find the problem.

You can also publish the IP addresses for both instances, and maybe also those of the Bluesound devices settings-> audio

They are save to publish, they are not addressable from the internet, they only work on your local network.

I have disabled the firewall (UFW) in ubuntu and there are discovered.

But, as per this post (Roon, Ubuntu and UFW [Answered]), I have UDP port 9003 TCP ports 9100-9200 enabled, Are there other port I have to enalbe???

Is the Ubuntu machine behind the router/firewall?
Do you need the Ubuntu machine to have its own firewall rule set?
I run my Ubuntu server 20.04.2 LTS CORE behind a router that handles the traffic and firewall policies.

Ok, I have enabled 9003/TCP and it now works… I only had 9003/UDP…

Thanks for the help, Peter.

Good to see that it works!

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