Bluesound Node2 - Sample Rate Converter // 44,1->176,4 or 192 kHz?


I have a Bluesound Node2 and think about using Sample Rate Converter up-sampling for CD quality to 176,4 or 192 kHz.
The Node2 DAC accepts 192kHz. RoonServer runs on my iMac with 8GB of RAM, SSD and quad-core processor.

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Why not just upsample from 44 to 176? I see no reason to go to DSD in the middle, and every reason not to.


I agree that the DSD step consumes unnecessary resources since you have to downsample for the Bluesound anyway. The Node 2 is great, but if you want to use DSD, you’d be better off looking elsewhere (Aries Mini, Pi + IFI DAC, etc.).

There’s been talk on the Bluesound forum about making the Node 2 DSD compliant, but I wouldn’t put much stock into it. Seems to me that it would take some fundamental changes in the product (including adding USB output).

OK, thanks first.
Upsampling of 44.1 is only possible up to a maximum of 192. Upsampling on DSD does not exist.

I am not sure what to think of upsampling to 176 or 192.
Do you hear differences?

I always use the Max PCM Rate (Power of 2) in upsampling; 44.1 and 88.2 to 176.4, 48 or 96 to 192. I think it is cleaner mathematically. Does that make a difference in the end quality? That depends on individual gear and ears.

Thank you!
I have tested it today.
In direct comparison, it is difficult to hear the difference.
But after a while I heard that upsampling at 176.4kHz sounds more analog and warmer.
Switch to CD in 44,1 Khz it sounds directly harder and more digital.
I like the upsampling of Roon.
At the same time I think that the filter Precise Minimum Phase is the best.

I like that one too! :smiley:

Excuse me - my english is not the best :slight_smile:

I really think that the filter Precise Minimum Phase is the best of the four different filters.