Bluesound not authorized


The file shows that the Bluesound Vault 2i is not authorized how do I get it authorized. The other issue is that I can’t find the downloaded CD’s on the Vault.

Hello @Don_Bowen,

The “Uncertified” label you see in the settings > audio screen is not related to the dropouts in audio you are seeing. The 2i generation Bluesound devices are undergoing certification at this time, but audio dropouts to a single zone is not a known issue.

How is your Bluesound player connected to the network? Do you see this behavior when using the BluOS controller app to stream local content to the device from the same computer running your Roon Core?


The Bluesound playe rwifi is hardwired into the player. When I was setting up Room is would not connect to the Bluesound via the core and my iPad won’t connect to Room also. Roon only works with my laptop. The BluOS has no issues with streaming

What’s exactly the issue as it’s not clear from your
post. Are you saying Roon cannot see the music stored o your Bluesound Vault? Or you can’t see your node as players in Roon? If the former did you mount the network path to it in Roons storage option in settings? If the latter then are all your hardwired and wireless devices on the same subnet. You can check by looking at the ip address they all should have the same 3 setnlnof numbers followed by one unique set. Eh.