Bluesound Powernote 2 setup

I have a bluesound powernote 2 which according to the roon website is network ready with roon already built in. I thought that meant I could sign up then just download the iPad control app and it would find the powernote 2 but its not working. Do I have to download the core on a computer and have that running all the time? Thanks in advance for your help…

Yup, exactly. More information here.

Let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

ok got it. so just one more question please. I installed the roon server on my PC and it sees the bluesound device fine. however, I now and just noticing that it looks like the only music that I can see and control from roon is:

  • tidal via roon
  • music library via roon either local or on drop box (or via a VPN which I think that is how I am going to do it)
  • manually enter a link for internet music

so on the bluesound device, I use many other services for music. is there anyway for rune to display and control the access to the additional services i use directly from my bluesound device? if not, then am i correct that i would use rune for some things and then the direct interface for other things?

thanks… darien

You are correct Darien, Roon will send anything you can access in the Roon user interface over to the Bluesound unit. The Bluesound units different sources cannot be made available to Roon though.
I would definently reconsider staging a “local” library on the other end of a VPN though, that feels like asking for trouble and slow response.

thanks mike. ok I am starting to see that roon is very limited. so right now I have uploaded all my music to onedrive. I started doing this as a back up. turns out the bluesound device has access to groove music and thus I can stream all my music via groove on the bluesound – awesome. if I were to switch over to roon, I would have to do a VPN type solution OR duplicate all my music locally or what it looks like use dropbox in which case I then would have to duplicate everything to onedrive and dropbox.

I am also disappointed in roon’s internet music capabilities. roon advertises itself as a new way to view and explore and learn about music. that’s not actually correct. they should really say, a new way to view and explore music that is only your own personal digital collection or tidal. I listen to a lot of internet music for jazz and classical and was hoping to use roon to really enhance that experience with artist/band bio’s, similar music, etc… and use roon as a way to discover new music. but all that roon can do with internet music is display what’s in the stream.

if discovery of new music is important, it really looks like roon is limited to tidal. if I am wrong on anything here, please let me know. I really want roon to work out but for someone like me who listens to streaming services and internet radio other than tidal, it’s becoming more and more difficult to justify a $400 times two (home and office) investment for a very limited set of music I listen to.

thanks much!!

Thats OK Darien, Roon is not all things to all people and i am personally thankful for that!
You on the other hand see opportunities in other software and hardware. For me Roon is primarily a local music collection manager and player for quality conscious musiclovers with the opportunity to integrate a high quality streamingservice. Other people value its DSP capabilities or multiroom functions or its openness to use any old Squeezebox, Sonos or Bluesound device with a proper user experience. etc etc.

Enjoy your toons man, whatever way you chose!

I think you’ve got the general picture as to Roon’s capabilities in terms of what music sources Roon can access.

I’d agree with @Mikael_Ollars that accessing your library via VPN is likely going to be problematic.

Also, Dropbox integration is related to backing up your Roon database — I can’t quite see how it would fit into the picture in terms of library storage.

Don’t sell the Tidal Integration short, though. If you can try it, I think you might be pleased with the seamlessness of Roon/Tidal integration.

Oh i am totally not selling the tidal integration short. It’s more about ease of use. Right now, in my home I have Logitech Media Server with three different end points (and thus my family can listen to three different things at the same time in different areas of the home) and use either my additional three dedicated controllers around my home or my ipad app to control. Then in the office, I use the application for bluesound to control. At home, I also have a cool GUI called MUSO that I use that displays the what’s currently playing on my TV and computer - this is great but i really only use it for parties. The squeezebox ipad app actually does a great job of brining in lyrics, bio’s, artist info, etc… and it will do it for any song in any medium whether it’s streaming, local, of via whatever app becasue it just searches the internet for whatever data it’s got and brings it back, etc… but it doesn’t have the ease of jumping around like roon does.

I was hoping that Roon would be able to simplify my life and give me more information and easier control. Although it will give me a better control and info for my digital collection, i will still need to use the Logitech controllers, the ipad app and the bluesound app. I use the ipad app the most. but with roon, i would have to be switching back and forth between the ipad logitech app and the roon app.

But i am giving it a fair shake to see if it’s worth it.

Just making sure you know that Roon can serve to Squeezeboxen:

Also, when you mention the iPad Squeezebox app, are you referring to iPeng? iPeng 9 includes an in-app purchase that lets your iPad function as a (Squeezebox) Roon endpoint. Very nice for use with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

yea i know that roon can serve squeezebox. i haven’t tried ipeng, i acutally use a app called squeezepad which also allows the ipad to function as an endpoint. so via the squeezebad i have four end points, the ipad and the three that are wired to my system. i use the ipad touch’s so everything up to 192/24 can be handled.

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So I just mapped my onedrive music (which I use to backup my music on my NAS) to my local computer and pointed roon to that drive and everything works great so no need to do a VPN. everything works great including all my 192/24 files. so now it’s just playing with roon to see how I like it…