Bluesound Pulse Flex in stereo mode?

Hi all,
I’m using one Pulse Flex with roon for a while, working as expected. Now we plan to buy a secound Pulse Flex a use the pair for stereo from time to tme. The BlueOS software offers this option, but has anyone tested this with roon already?
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I use Sonos and I have them paired in stereo mode and Roon sees the pair just fine. I am sure it will work with Bluesound as well.

Hi Fernando,
hope you are right - will not blame you ;-).

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Hi All,
just some else run into the same question. It’s working well!
The stereo set/group keeps the name of the first speaker selected during building the “fixed group”. In roon you can’t see if it is a single speaker or a set, nor can’t you see if a member is missing / failing.



Interesting! Maybe we should throw a flag for @andybob or @Carl and make this a feature request.
It would be nice to reflect the presence of a stereo pair within the roon UI, I think!

Open a new thread in Feature Request setting out what you would like to see.

got it, thanks for the swift reply!