Bluesound Pulse Flex Roon Ready and Airplay

Mac mini M1
Topping D90SE
Nad C700
Bluesound Pulses

Hi, I run two Bluesound Pulses Flex in Stereo and have had no issue, now I’ve split the pair, Roon is seeing one of them as Roon Ready and the only via Airplay. Its the older one that is Airplay only but it used to be Roon Ready before I bought the second.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

Turn off your core and then reboot all the gear including network devices then restart your core and see if it clears it.

If only I had a £ for every reboot I’ve had to do…I didn’t really want to go around the house rebooting devices to listen to a track but will when I get spare time, thanks.

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