Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i issues after 1.6 upgrade

I am using a Pulse Mini 2i device to listen to music via Roon and after I updated to Roon 1.6 it seems like things are getting buggy with the playback. I can play music through the pulse but there is a 5-6 second lag where on the dispay it appears the song is playing but no music is coming from the Pulse. After 5-6 seconds the music starts playing from the Pulse (5-6 seconds into the song). I tried to replicate this with my other Roon endpoints and there were no issues with them. I used the BluOS software to reboot the Pulse and that did not help.

I am a little confused about compatibility. All of the documentation and my AV installer indicated that the BluOS devices were compatible with Roon but when I click on the device in the Roon menu it shows up as Uncertified. Is the Pulse Mini 2i not compatible with Roon?

It is compatible, otherwise you wouldn’t see it in Roon. However it is a relatively recent revision of the models designated 2. So they should be in the process of obtaining that certification.

Here is a video of what happens when I have songs in a queue or shuffle and I try to skip to the next one.

Video of issue

When I do this with my other Meridian endpoints it happens instantly and there is no 5 second delay. Before the update to 1.6 there was no delay either.

I received a response from Bluesound and this is what they said.
" Tony W.

Hi Dave

Please speak with Roon about this. Our software is fully certified by Roon, just waiting for their stamp of approval.

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@SteveSilberman @support

Hello @Dave_Murphy,

The behavior where the first few seconds of audio are cut off is a result of the Pulse Mini 2i returning from standby mode. Since the Bluesound software to not have a way of detecting the standby state, this behavior is consistent across BluOS as well as Roon. We are investigating with Bluesound to see if there is a way to handle this scenario better, but we have nothing else to announce at this time.

The Bluesound 2i products are in the final stages of Roon Ready certification and should be appearing as certified in the app in the near future.