BlueSound Pulse Mini 2i not showing up in Roon

Hi - Just got home with this BluSound PulseMini.

It’s setup and connected to my network, and my Tidal & Qobuz accounts fine.

But I can’t get Roon to ‘see’ it.

Roon already has a Devialet Phantam Gold in one room, and an Aurialic Altair streamer in another, but adding the Pusle for a third room, but Roon refuses to see it.

Any suggestions?


Wired or wireless?

Have you gone into Settings > Audio and enable the Bluesound?



Thank you! No, I hadn’t! Duh!

I did look at settings, but guess I was looking for ‘add device’ or something similar.

Very dumb of me.

Will try that now.


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