Bluesound Pulse Soundbar+ difficulty with Nucleus

The new sound bar from Bluesound showed up today and when we tried to acquire it with Nucleus it showed up as “un certified” when I go into the Nucleus audio set up as an endpoint.
Any comments or ideas would be appreciated
Note: this soundbar came out just this month. Is this a Roon issue or Bluesound issue.

On the website you posted it’s not showing any Roon ready status.

Maybe they are going for certification but have code in there that’s not yet ready by roon’s detection. Naughty boys.

Thanks for the info. I show’s up on Roon as “uncertified” just something I have never seen.
I guess thats what you get for being first with a new product.

It’s not in the blusound partner page either on roon’s site

Public Notice Update
If you have an issue with Bluesound products and you Que for an update to a product you may get a notice saying ‘up to date’.
this may not always be true. I needed to go to the Bluesound website and manually view the latest firmware file number online with the files number on the product. I then had to download and force it. Bottom line. pressing request for update within the app may not always be true and current.