Bluesound RoonReady samplerate/bitrate limits?

I’ve seen some comments on the 48khz limit previously. Are these limits still active? I just tried upsampling to PCM (power of 2) and my Vault (1) lost sync, causing the pretty lady singing to sound like a properly medicated athlete on stereoids!

I cant seem to find info on this in the usual Roon setup…

And i am hereby replying to my own question…:
The Vault 1 does indeed play music in 16 or 24 bit bitrate as well as samplerates 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz.
The weird sync issue is no longer possible to replicate… :slight_smile:

I just managed to replicate my issues with the Bluesound as endpoint!
The Vault was set to upsample to power of 2 and was not playing anything. My MacMini was playing a Tidal stream (DSP disabled) and i Transferred the stream to the Vault… There it is again!
The audio stream gets sort of played at half speed and its response to the Roon commands (play/pause) gets really sluggish…
I didnt get it to function until i shut off the DSP (and upsampling) for the Vault endpoint.
I have been playing upsampled material since my last post, no issues but i think i have always stopped playback and the started it again on the Vault. No transfers i believe…

Any ideas on what might cause this? A little to tight resync times?