Bluesound signal path limited to Enhanced due to Crossover and EQ

I’m unable to get a ‘Lossless’ signal path from TIDAL sources, including MQA. The ‘Amplifier’ step within the Bluesound suggest that there is some ‘Crossover and EQ’ setting that limits the signal path to ‘Enhanced’. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thx. Vic

You won’t ever get lossless with MQA only enhanced as technically it’s not lossless. That’s how Roon treats it. Make sure your devices are set to MQA renderer only and ensure Roons MQA decoder is active on each one. You seeing some internal processing on the Bluesounds that’s what Roons reporting to. Check you Bluesound app to ensure thats turned off, it’s not Roon doing it as it’s at the amplifier stage. I imagine it’s something to do with the Bluesound processing all the MQA stages as it’s doing the core decode when it should be Roon.

Thx CG. I have made the suggested changes to the MQA Capabilities and Clock Master Priority fields. The signal path remains Enhanced and, as best as I can tell, there are no additional corresponding changes that I can config within the BlueSound apps. The bright purple of Lossless remains elusive.

As I said before which you must have skipped over, there is no lossless with MQA as it basically isn’t, only enhanced . Thats how Roon shows it. Nothing to worry about its supposed to be Enhanced.