Bluesound Soundbar volume setting issues

@support, i’m not sure this is a Roon issue, but i think so.
I have a couple of Bluesound endpoints in addition to my regular stereo setup. There is a Soundbar connected to my TV, which occasionally gets use as a Roon Speaker.
This is my only Roon endpoint with Volume control enabled in Roon. Problem is, when i select the Soundbar from available audio devices, the current volume setting is reported back from the Bluesound and shown in Roon. Usually the TV volume setting is considerably higher than when used with Roon, say around 35-50 on Roon’s scale.
So, i adjust volume down to say 15-20 before starting Roon playback on the Soundbar…
Problem is, it seems that setting the volume must be done while playing back?
I select something to play, and the volume is still too high, drag the volume slider just a tiny bit up or down and the volume drops drastically. It seems to drop to the value i preset before playback so to speak.

Somebody else experiencing the same thing? I dont seem to get the same behaviour with the BluOS app, when playing back music from my BluOS library.