Bluesound speakers not available in audio setup


Hi. I have 6 Bluesound devices and Roon is not discovering any of them most of the time. In some rare case (once in a week or less) it’s possible that 1 or 2 devices randomly show up, but never for long. Player discovery works fine in BluOS iPhone and MacOS Apps. Bluesound Node 2 is directly connected to my router. All other players are connected via Homplugs. All devices and programs are running with most recent software/firmware versions.

macOS Sierra, iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), Linksys WRT1900ACS router running OpenWRT firmware, 2x Cisco switches, UPC cable modem, 5x Zyxel PLA5456 homeplugs, 1x Bluesound Node 2 (>router), 3x Bluesound Flex (>Homeplug, 1 fixed group R/L pair), 2x Bluesound Mini (>Homeplug)

Thank you, Michael

Some things to check. 1. are any of the switches managed? Roon uses Multicast and managed switches can have issues. 2. do you have jumbo frames turned on? If so, set them off on everything and then reboot the system.

Also, is the Node 2 is on the same switch as the Roon Server? If not, you might try moving it to that switch and see if the connection is consistent.

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  1. are any of the switches managed?
  1. do you have jumbo frames turned on?

Also, is the Node 2 is on the same switch as the Roon Server?
No. It was not on the same switch.

I shut done every single component of my system and disconnected both switches, running the essential devices with my router only. Then, I booted my iMac, started Roon and everything seem to work perfectly for the first time! Unfortunately not for long. After rebooting the iMac all devices were gone again. Next, I removed the Linksys router from the system and switched the UPC Cable Modem from modem mode to router mode. Again, Roon seem to work fine for a moment, but not until after the next reboot. Next, I removed the Homeplugs connecting 4 of 6 Bluesound devices through WiFi (the other 2 Bluesound devices are out of WiFi range and were left disconnected). This also seemed to help at a first but in the end the system is more or less as unstable as before. The problem is kind of intermittent. Single devices show up in Roon from time to time, but most of times none of my Bluesound devices do appear.

I had similar problems while trialling Roon. I was told that the problem will require a Bluesound software fix. I decided not to purchase Roon until this fix was in place.

I should have added that I only logged onto this forum to see if a fix was in place - obviously not!

I have experienced the same problem: my Node 2 and Pulse Mini being undiscoverable by Roon, while the Bluos app was able to see them. Today I’ve updated my players to 2.10.6. Hopefully this firmware update will fix this (very annoying) issue. If not I’ll report back.