Bluesound to Support Roon [Now Certified!]

I’d love to see Roon support for the Bluesound line.

The product is great, has reasonable prices but (after Roon) the software makes me wanna cry.



a Bluesound Node would be an ideal Roon endpoint.

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That’s what I have today.


Even though if support for the Auralic Aries comes first I might as well get one.

+1 for Bluesound support. I have a Node in my second system.

Another vote for Bluesound support!

Bluesound support would be an excellent addition since it currently supports higher resolution files.

+1 for Bluesound Node

Another person here for BlueSound! Have a Powernode and Totem Rainmakers and Roon would be great!

I am interested in this too.

Yep… I’d also like Bluesound support. The hardware is great and very worthy of Roon.

The software a terrible (after I’ve been Roonified) and so it is in tremendous need of Roon.

Once you’ve had Roon you can’t go back… Lifer here.

Have you contacted Bluesound to tell them? :smile:

I have contacted Bluesound and posted on their forum. I can’t get either side to comment on RoonReady for Bluesound. Sure wish I could.

I feel stuck… I need Bluesound or Sonos or Aries Mini to set up my multi-room system, but at the moment, none are Roon ready.

I had Airplay via AirportExpress/AppleTV. So many dropouts.

Then I had Sonos… it was good, but sound quality… so so. I upgraded (and it was an upgrade) to Bluesound… but that App… so terrible. I mean really, I spend all the time searching (browsing doesn’t exist) to the appropriate genre on Bluesound/Tidal. Select a track and when I go back, I’m on the main tidal page again where I see Bieber and Drake. I don’t want to see those guys! (I’m being generous). I must be doing it wrong… it can’t be that bad.

But the sound quality is great.

I keep reading about Aries Mini… and I’d trade in my Bluesound if it were only RoonReady, but I’m not going back to 44.1 x 16bit. And I’m not going back to Airplay

Well it does look like they are talking:
I have 3 Bluesound players (great quality) and I cannot wait to use them with Roon!

Hey! Thanks for that. I was a poster in that Bluesound thread and had lost track of it (there are several on their forums). It was nice to see confirmation from their side that they are looking at it… gives me great confidence in my investment in their (very nice) hardware!

I have spent the last 3 months deciding on my multiroom system and finally landed on Bluesound - the sound is great (far better than sonos to my ears at least) and integration to so many high quality streaming and music buying services sealed the deal for me.

So +1 for Bluesound support!

Hi there. Tried out Roon for 14 days - great product. I decided to go for the Bluesound Node 2 in the end. If support is given for the Bluesound Node product I will be back as a customer I guess :slight_smile:

I also enjoyed my 14 day trial, but as I have a Bluesound system (a node, a pulse, and soon a flex) the purchase unfortunately didn’t make sense to me. If the Bluesound players could be endpoints, I would subscribe to Roon straight away. I love the Roon interface, but I also love my Bluesound hardware. Hope we’ll see something soon.

I was at a Bluesound /MQA demonstration 2 weeks ago.

As far as the Bluesound chap was concerned Roon was not in their thoughts.