Bluesound Vault 2i with Roon Nucleus Plus

Hi, is it possible to connect Bluesound Vault 2i with Roon Nucleus Plus through USB cable so they can have a physical connection? My music are stored in the internal storage of Nucleus Plus



It’s a Roon Ready streamer, so no need to connect directly to the Nucleus. Simply connect it to your network using Ethernet.

Thanks for your reply. This is what I am doing now, connecting them to the network using Ethernet. If I want to have a physical connection, can I connect them through USB? Thanks

According to Bluesound, the USB connections are for moving files, i.e., they do not expose the internal DAC. So, no you can’t use a direct USB connection between Nucleus and Vault.


Thanks Martin!

Both should be connected to the router via ethernet, that is the hub that connects them to one another.

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