Bluesound Vault nowhere to be found

Hi @support, I just installed Roon in an environment where all my music is on a Bluesound Vault.

Roon is on iMac with current OSX. Roon does actually find 2 of my bluesound players (a Node and a Pulse) as audio output devices, but there seems to be nowhere I can set up the Vault as a source for the music, nor does it show up as one of the outputs (The vault also has a player and plays for one of the zones, so it should also be an output option.)

So: Where do I set up the Vault as a source?
Where do I set up the Vault as a player?

It would be really good to have a simple documentation on this. Since you have a web page dedicated to the Bluesound players, why not put a link to the basic setup on there? Otherwise there is a lot of frustration getting this to work.

It is now Saturday and I assume I won’t hear from anyone until next week–and since this is set up at our business and I’m not there Mo-Wed, I’m either loosing most of my first week of the trial period or have to come in on my off days to get this tested.


Hey @Markus_Bohunovsky – sorry for the trouble here.

We can restart your trial once we figure this out.

We don’t get a lot of questions like this about Bluesound, so I’m guessing this is something pretty straightforward. Is the Vault’s firmware fully updated? I assume you can see it from Bluesound’s app?

Any idea if your iMac can ping the Vault? Everything been rebooted? Tried turning off firewall on your iMac?

Hi–Thanks for the quick reply!
I think I figured out how to add the Vault as a source: I did it by just adding a regular source folder and selecting the network share that is shared from the Vault to my Mac. I am not sure if this is the intended way, but it is now adding my library.

In terms of being able to use the Vault also as a player: I checked the firmware and it is the most recent (the same as on the 2 other bluesound devices, which do show up). I can see the Vault from the Bluesound App. The Mac can ping it (and the share does show up.)

The 2 other players showed up automatically under the Audio settings. There seems to be no way to add a bluesound player manually if it does not show up, right?

Unfortunately I can’t reboot anything until after business hours as I started using roon to play music in the other 2 rooms and I can’t stop it as long as there are clients inside. :wink:


I restarted everything. No luck. The Vault still does not show under “Audio” in the Settings

Hi @Markus_Bohunovsky ----- Thank you for the follow up and, more importantly, thank you for your patience.

Can you please verify the firmware version that is currently being used with the Bluesound Vault?


The version is 2.12.4

Hi @Markus_Bohunovsky ----- Thank you for touching base with us and providing the requested feedback. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would to have our techs tack a closer look into this behavior by checking your Roon and RAATServer logs from the device hosting your core.

With the above in mind may I very kindly ask you to please follow the instructions found here and send us over a set of Roon and RAATServer logs from the iMac hosting your Roon core.


Here are the log files:

Hi @Markus_Bohunovsky ---- Thank you for the follow up, I appreciate you touching base with me.

I just downloaded the provided package and it appears that you’ve provided us with just your RAATServer logs. Please provide your Roon logs as well and I will make sure all materials reach our techs in a timely manor.


Sorry. Missed that in the instructions. Here is the Roon log:

Thanks for the upload, @Markus_Bohunovsky. Looks like we got what we needed, I will let you know what our techs come up with.

Your patience is very appreciated!

Hi @Markus_Bohunovsky ----- Thank you for your patience!

Moving forward, our techs have examined the provided logs and are struggling to identify the exact cause of this behavior with the Bluesound Vault. In light of this, we have contacted Bluesound who will be looking into this for us. Once the team over at Bluesound has provided some feedback, we will follow up with you accordingly. If you’d like to reach out to them as well please feel free.