BlueSound Vault2 - From Lossless to Enhanced


I’m new here with lots to learn, hoping someone might have a pointer or two. My flacs are stored on a networked BlueSound Vault2 and connected via optical to a Rotel RC-1590. I also subscribe to Tidal lossless.

Issue: two nights ago, I was enjoying Lossless signal on my flac, as well as Tidal MQA as shown in roon. The next morning, after working through some Rotel 12volt trigger issues, I noticed my signal now displays Enhanced.

I’m a serious amateur and have no idea what facilitated the degradation.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Can you check in the BluOs app if you’ve changed someting in settings -> player-> audio.

Thanks for the quick reply, stevev1.

I had fiddled with the Volume Limits setting, as well as toggled back and forth between the Variable/Fixed Audio Output level (first time ever adjusting either of these settings), but then reset it back to what it had been set at previously.

I weep

And you still see the enhanced signal path?

Yes, it is still showing as enhanced.

Total bummer

Restart roon. It should be gone

Your last message prompted me to reboot the Vault2. Signal path is now Lossless again, and Kev very very happy.

I am grateful for your help – thank you!