Bluetooth adapters

I have a couple of old stereos connected with bluetooth recivers can you add the blethoorh as a roon end point it would be nice becaise that way I can have all my stereos plau the same song I also have a cpuple of bluetooth speakers

Where would you expect the bluetooth signal to be sent from? In theory, any roon endpoint that can transmit a bluetooth signal could fulfil this function. It would only be a matter of pairing the endpoint with the bluetooth receiver.

Some examples of devices that can receive a Roon stream and be paired with a bluetooth receiver:

  • a mobile phone with the Roon app
  • a computer running Roon
  • an Apple TV 4th generation
  • a Wiim Pro

Each of these would be a good option to connect to bluethooth speakers.
With regards to the old stereo, it would make more sense to connect a Roon endpoint directly to the stereo. Depending on how old it is, a computer or a Wiim Pro would probably be easiest.