Bluetooth receiver recommendations please

I’m after a Bluetooth audio receiver for the hifi in my teaching room. My students have to play music as part of the presentations they give, and they always play from their cell phone speakers… They all have bluetooth, so I’d like to improve life and reduce pain on my ears. :slight_smile:

Particularly small not necessary, no batteries please, nothing too expensive.


I trialled the Audioquest Beetle which sounded good but became unreliable after a few weeks (not switching between bluetooth devices) - reading around this seems a common issue. I now use the Arcam miniblink which works well enough but with hindsight would probably go for something with optical out (e.g. Audioengine B1) so that I can take advantage of the re-clocking (and better DAC) in my integrated amp.

I’ve used both the BluDento BLT-2 and BLT-HD receivers which can be bought via eBay. They’re inexpensive but quite nicely built and work fine (at least so far as I have been able to tell).

ETA: they have optical and coax digital outputs as well as analog (RCA).