Bluetooth receiver

Hallo everyone, don’t know if this is the right place, if not sorry… i have a bluetooth reviver, called XQ-50 pro 2, and i’m trying to use it as endpoint, but i just can’t get it to play if not like system default. In my audio settings i can see my System output, my Mac core un my monitor speakers.
In Swinsian, that i don’t like very much, i can listen to my music from the bluetooth reciver and at the same time have a videocall (or else) listening it from the speakers of my monitor. In roon everything goes to my bluetooth reciver (sorry for my english)

Roon does not play directly to a Bluetooth device. It plays to an endpoint that has bluetooth setup as their speakers. For example, if I pair my phone or tablet with a blue tooth speaker, I can use Roon to play to the phone or tablet, and the phone or tablet sends the music to the bluetooth device.

Ian, as @Rugby notes, Roon cannot play natively to Bluetooth devices. However, if a Bluetooth speaker or speakers are set to your System Output on a PC or Mac computer, or set as the output to a phone or tablet with Roon running on it, then Roon can play to that Bluetooth device if System Output or the mobile device is selected in Roon under the Audio settings.

ok… thank you… did it, works fine even if i don’t get it very much, it would be quite more easy… thank you again!!!

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