Bluetooth support for Compute Module 4

Hi everyone,

since ropieeeXL is supporting Bluetooth connection on the Pi4 nowadays, I was wondering if that feature is planned to be implemented for compute module 4 as well (or is it already in there and I just missed it)? The form factor of the cm4 screams for a small battery powered mobile solution in my opinion…whether sitting on the couch using RAAT or out-and-about using BT, would be all possible in one tiny device then.

Love to hear your opinion on this one.

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I know that Harry said, that he does not really like BT but was kind enough to put alot of sweat n tears into implementing that feature for the rp4 for the community. So please don’t get me wrong, that question is not a ‘hidden request’ what so ever, just love to hear the comminities thoughts on this one.

I wasn’t aware that there was any difference between the SBC and CM4 other than the inclusion of on board storage on some versions of the CM4. They should be functionally identical?

Initially I was thinking the same, but then I learned that Wi-Fi support for the CM4 was just recently added in the latest stable release. So there seems to be an actual difference between SBC and CM4 in this area indeed.

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