BluOS 3.8.8 seems to have fixed MQA + Dirac on my NAD C658

Will put more miles on it tomorrow… fingers crossed!

My NAD M10 also seems capable of playing MQA now. I hope the older wake on standby bug, which lasted for ages and has been apparently fixed with the previous release won’t crop up again. :crossed_fingers:

I will try to check my M10 and C658 today. Noticed they recently updated.

Everything seems to work fine on my C658, Roon, Dirac and Mqa with the new update. Good.

After upgrading to 3.8.8 yesterday, I tried today and NOTHING plays on my C658 via Roon, with or without Dirac and/or MQA activated/deactivated, even after on/off hardware button switched off and then on again. At least I can play normally again using the Bluesound app but that’s not good enough, NAD folks!

Looks like my M10 and C658 are both able to function as MQA renderers again - with no clicks and pops.

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Not only that, mine works with Roon now as renderer and decoder! Even shows the MQA-badge on display now!

Wow, you are all lucky! Even after upgrade mine still does not work at all with Roon, and the returning from standby issue is still there, so not playing from Bluesound app or phono stage until I use the on and off hard button at the back of the device.

I’m disappointed for you! This firmware feels like a big step forward for many of us. Get in touch w/ NAD…

Hey, it’s finally working for me too. I realised Roon didn’t play on any of my 12 Bluesound/NAD players. Fiddled around with MQA on then off and on again. Logged out of Tidal and in again, rebooted Roon a few times and suddenly everything seems to work. Not sure what fixed it in the end, but my C658 now also indicates that its playing MQA when using it with Roon, even with Dirac switched on! Haven’t yet tested what happens when it awakes from standby or when I play records but I now feel positive. Thanks NAD! In the end 3.8.8 seems to have fixed it for me too. Beautiful!

Thanks for your sympathy, hoporama! It seems I finally got everything working for me too, so all good!

Does this mean now that best practice would be to set the M10 and C658 as both decoder and renderer - or keep it as a renderer only?

Thanks for asking- same question re: Best Practices.

I’m finally happy as well. Pffff.
However, not of great importance, I don’t see MQA playing on my C658.