BluOS - What's it like?

Hi All,

What are you thoughts about BluOS, if you didn’t have roon would it be a good app? Can you queue tracks from different sources into a current playing queue? Does it have features like “Play Next” and “Add to Queue” from streaming sources (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer etc) as well as Upnp sources?

I’m currently looking at replacing my Cambridge CXNv2 with a new streamer because I’ve started getting dropouts from Qobuz and Tidal Connect, sometimes 3 or 4 times while listening to an album.

My HiFi store very kindly lent me a Arcam ST60 which sounded amazing but the app was just too basic. The Arcam worked perfectly with roon but I’m still not sure I want to be paying for roon forever. Also, I was happy to find the Arcam didn’t drop out during my testing but I couldn’t commit to it because the app was so featureless.

I’m thinking about getting the NAD C 658 or using the C 700 as a preamp. Any thoughts on these streamers?


I have a few BluOS devices and in general i’m very happy with them. Roon is more extensive and integrates local and streamed libraries better of course.
As far as i can tell the things you ask for (queuing tracks from different sources) does work fine.

However, BluOS is NOT compatible with UPnP servers and renderers. It is a proprietary system with built in server and endpoint capabilities. It only needs a share to create a library, not a server.

I seriously dislike the playlist-oriented approach of BluOS though, the need to constantly clean the “current playlist” is really annoying to me, but at least as amny others find it excellent.

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Thank you.

I didn’t know that about lack of Upnp support but a share is just as good. I keep my music on a NAS and it’s well tagged and organised.