Blurred Banner Artwork


Does anyone know how to get banner Artist artwork back after 1.8? All of my artists display a darkly faded image of the banner artwork during album playback. Thanks!

Hi @Mark_C,

The standard “IT” response / advice … have you tried switching the Roon Core Machine off and on again?

Thanks for the input. Will try and let you know! Thanks

If you’re looking at the Now Playing screen, that is normal until Valence selects a preferred banner image during the current crowdsourcing effort. I suspect it’s not happening for all your artists, just the ones that Valence hasn’t yet processed. I haven’t figured the percentages, but a significant number of mine are doing the same thing. Sometimes the artist image is displayed, sometimes it’s just blurred. I’m pretty sure that’s a function of how Valence works and will be sorted over time.

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If one comes across this problem, then it could be the cue to add a banner pic if you have a chance… The more we do this, the quicker issues are resolved…

Any suggestions of good sites for artwork? Thanks for all of the helpful comments!

I use for most of my Artist artwork, not sure on many others for Artists though.