Blurry metadata - OCR related?

Hi @support:

Now that rich metadata is available to me thanks to Roon, I actually start to take more interest. While doing so, I’ve across several cases where almost the same names are listed in the credit, see “Automatic for the People” by R.E.M., for example.

Daniel Laufer vs. Daniel Lauter
Jody Taylor vs. Judy Taylor
Lonnie Ditzen vs. Lonnie Ottzen

My suspicion is that these stem from (poor) OCR. I wonder whether there is an algorithmic way to systematically reduce such instances.

For the same album the metadata lists “Elizabeth Murphy” and “Elizabeth Proctor Murphy”, while on the cover sleeve I could only trace the latter. Not sure how to handle this in an algorithmic though, though.

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Hi @AEB. Thanks for posting that observation. I’m sure that you’re right: three errors on the same album does look like an OCR error. We think that there are a number of possible ways to clean up this kind of problem and it’s definitely on our metadata roadmap. Can’t make any promises about timelines though.

Hi @joel. Thanks for your feedback. There’s certainly no need for rush as far as I am concerned.