Blusound Node 2i vs Raspberry Pi 4


I’m currently using a Node 2i into the Primare i35 DAC via coax with great results - Primare DAC much improved over the Node 2i DAC

I am however thinking that I have a £500 unit not fully used (in the Node2i) and since i’m using Roon i don’t need the BlueOS.

My thoughts are using the Pi 4 via USB into the Primare. Allowing me to free up some money from selling the Node 2i.

I don’t want to go from a laptop or computer connected direct to the DAC via USB as it’s not ideal and I think it will be more noisy than the Pi (?)

Does anyone have experience of swapping out the Node for a Pi using the same DAC ?
What were the results ??



I think most people’s experience will be in going the other way with the 3B+ but Pi 4 experience will be limited.

You mean people will move away from the Pi using something like Roopee towards a Node2 ?

Yes. It is where a lot of people start who often then move on to other streaming solutions.

Thanks for the reply

So what would be considered the next step or steps to get a Roon endpoint with either Coax output or USB (not sure if one would be considered better than the other).

Happy with my DAC so transport (?) only

I can only say that I have recently moved from Pi3 + HAT (IQaudIO Digi+ coax) to Pi4 native USB, without noticing any difference in my A-B tests. I am using a RME ADI-2 DAC.

My suggestion is to buy a Pi4 and make a test on your own: probably you will decide to sell the Node…

I’ve actually just moved to a RPi 3b+ with Allo DigiOne sig. from the bluesound node2.
I find I get a bit more resolution, detail without any hardness.

It was a test, but I think I’m going to keep it.