Bobbie's Not Available -- or Is She?

This one has me stumped. From the Qobuz page, I see a Bobbie Gentry album, and click. Here’s what appeared:

You can’t see this, but all of the cuts were unavailable.

I might have stopped there, but I persisted, searched for Bobbie Gentry, found her Artist page, and clicked on the same album there. Here’s what appeared:

Now, all cuts are available. In both incidents I was looking at Qobuz versions. Hmm.

But there’s more. I went back to the Qobuz page and started clicking on the 14 visible Grand Selection section. Only about 5 tracks, across ALL the 14 albums, were available.

Kinda strange. Makes you want to jump off a bridge or something.

In that first screenshot, there are two discs in the set, which is also odd. And the track timings are wrong as well.

Are tracks still showing as unavailable in the Grand Selection? This may be unrelated to the Gentry album issue.

Edit: just looked at the versions tab of the Gentry album, and found the two-disc version. Both discs contain the same tracks, but have different timings. All tracks are currently available… No idea what is going on…

New ‘deluxe’ reissue…

From Wikipedia:

A deluxe edition of the album will be released on July 31, 2020, featuring a new stereo mix of the album, sourced from the surviving four-track and eight-track tapes, along with the original mono mix. The deluxe edition will include 10 bonus tracks, featuring the previously unreleased demo “The Way I Do” and an instrumental version of “Okolona River Bottom Band”.

Noooooo, John. Don’t do it.

Hi @John_V,

This is a new version of the album that isn’t available in Roon quite yet, but I definitely understand how that could be confusing and frustrating. I passed this feedback along to the team so we can make this better in the future.

It’s available on Roon/Tidal in the UK. I guess Roon/Qobuz will catch up soon.