Bobo Stenson's "Contra la indecisión" - why is the AllMusic review missing? (SOLVED!)

Thom Jurek (AllMusic) reviewed Bobo Stenson’s latest album “Contra la indecisión” some time ago. Why doesn’t this review show up in Roon? Has anything gone wrong or is this just because the album was released only about a week ago?

Review is there for me…

Try to re-identify the album in album editor

I’ve done that already, but to no avail. Strange…

Hmmm strange indeed. Try deleting the album from roon and importing it again

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Problem fixed (by deleting the album, cleaning up the library and re-importing the album).

Here we go…

Thom Jurek’s review comes from Rovi metadata.
TIDAL releases its version of the album.
For some reason, we are not able to equivalence it to the Rovi version of the album (with the review).
Rovi adds the new release to its metadata.
We are now able to equivalence the TIDAL and Rovi versions, and the review is now also associated with the TIDAL album.
Your library pulls the updated metadata for the TIDAL album, including the review.

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