Boenicke I2 integrated amp

Sven Boenicke, who produces bespoke wood speakers in Switzerland, is working on a slew of amplified products, including an I2 integrated amp (DAC and phono stage optional) and P1 and P2 amplifiers. His P1 amp, with a Class D 300wpc module from Italy’s Powersoft, will be sold direct for under 3,000 Swiss francs, which is quite the deal for a Swiss-made amp. Boenicke is a tone freak, so his products should be outstanding. I’m hoping his DAC will be Roon compatible…

I’ve kept seeing and reading stuff about the amps for years, but when will one actually arrive?

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Srajan Ebaen at 6 Moons is already testing the P1 amplifier. Not sure when the integrated and the two amps will be launched.

If the price is right, I would seriously consider maybe the P1 to match up with my W5SE. Although a Roon capable integrated/DAC would be interesting, but no doubt more expensive.

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Here is the 6 Moons preview.