Bohren & der club of gore != exotica!


Roon has tagged B&DCOG albums Dolores and Piano Nights as Exotica, Easy Listening, and Lounge, whereas their ID3 tags have the proper genre Dark Ambient. You really don’t want them showing up in your Martin Denny mix.

Is this the place one points out particular mis-taggings like this?
Also, I’ve been unable to figure out how to override the tags on
these albums.



Do you have “Show Genres from File Tags” set to Yes in Settings > General tab? In other words, do you want Roon to use your file tags or just Roon’s metadata?

Anyway, you can edit the genres by going to album view, click the 3 dot icon and select Edit. Under the Edit Fields tab, scroll down to Genres. Uncheck the genres you don’t want by tapping them. You can add genres by typing them into the box and selecting. Be sure to Save when finished.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

wow, how did i miss the edit function?
teach a man to fish…

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