"Bolt on" front end for iOS end point?

I’ve come to accept that the nicely integrated, seamless use of my iOS devices for replay is stalled but surely it’s worth Roon creating their own bolt on external interface in the fashion of the Airfoil software that I have to use at the moment?

Sadly, until my family members are able to stream through their iPads and iPhones they will keep just using Tidal… Roon gets ignored despite every room in the house having at least one Roon compatible end-point.

Geoff, I’d guess if Roon feel Xamarin will fix whatever issue is currently preventing iOS playback, then they’ll hold out rather than put lots of hours into an interim solution (unless it would be a useful tool on the roadmap generally).

I don’t know much about Xamarin (had never even heard of it before Roon), but I’m surprised they haven’t managed to sort the issue(s) out in this amount of time. The reality may well be that Xamarin just aren’t ever going to get there, and in that case I’m not sure what would happen - perhaps something along the lines you’re suggesting? Otherwise iOS versions would potentially have to be written from scratch on a separate platform, or it just written off as a playback option.

Does airfoil work well?

Xamarin Stable Cycle 9 just got released last week. Don’t know if it’s got what’s needed or the waiting game continues.

Airfoil does the job, running on the Mac Mini and various IOS devices but it does frequently need resetting and can be a battery and resource hog.