Bonus Tracks Indication?


I think it would be nice to be able to mark tracks as “bonus”, in the same manner as for “live” tracks.
This would be useful in knowing which tracks belong to the original album and which are not. Classic cases are in for example deluxe editions or remastered reissues.
If this is metadata that is available at the source, marking such tracks automatically would be great. Perhaps it can also be “guessed” by Roon by comparing different versions of the same album.



Good call; I’d certainly use the ability to play “the original album”.

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Yup! Albums with bonus tracks are often tiresome and a lot of the time I’m interested only in the original set.

Big plus 1 to this.

For some albums I only ripped the original tracks leaving off the bonus tracks.


+1 !

I’ve got a lot of Deluxe Editions and, usually, I don’t care much for bonus tracks (they often break the flow of an album, IMHO).

A “Play original album, without bonus tracks” option would totally makes sense in this case.

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Nice idea. Seconded by me too.

Great Idea. Most times I want to hear only the original tracks and not the bonus tracks, esp. if the bonus tracks are 5 different demo versions of the same 3 tracks :frowning:

I’d agree with you 99% the time, but check out the demos on the extended version of Paul Simon’s “Hearts and Bones” which I think are as good as or better than the studio versions. (esp. The Late Great Johnny Ace :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try,

I see that the new metadata cloud puts a “(Bonus Track)” suffix for bonus tracks in some cases, which is a great improvement!
I still think though that this indication is needed in a level deeper than text so that you could do other stuff with it like play an album without its bonus tracks, as suggested above :slight_smile:

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