Boogie Woogie - need advice

Good morning to the whole community!

I wanted to ask you, since I am approaching the world “Boogie Woogie” what can you recommend me?

Jools Holland is a big fan and plays it, so you could start there and find his influences.

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Try this from Professor Longhair.

Mono MQA

thank you so much

it is exactly the kind that I like, only if possible I look for something that feels better, let’s say more contemporary as audio.

As sound and recording quality: Hard Road Hoe - Ghost Towns Blues Band

Hugh Laurie does a great contemporary version of Tipitina here

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The classic artists to start with are Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis.

Perhaps it’s debatable whether Prof Longhair is “Bogie Woogie”. New Orleans piano is rhythmically a little different.


Classic (or infamous) stuff: