Booklet embedded presentation

Hello there,

it would be great, if the click on a booklet (pdf) will not start an external window to show that. It is uncofortable to close and or step back with the home(iPad) button.

In the Auralics Lighning DS they have embedded the presentation(showing) the booklet inside the app. So you are not forced to use the homebutton(iPad) to get back to the app itself. Its very comfortable.

Kind regards


Agree +1 on that!

I agree - it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. I don’t have a great many booklets but it would be a nicer way of doing it if I could read them within Roon Remote.


Absolutely! A popup should be easy to realize

I agree too, feels a real after thought to launch a browser session to do this, should be part of the ‘now playing’ screen, integrated with the album art, bios, artists photo etc. Should be easy enough to achieve, plenty of pdf renderers out there.

ps please ensure it is supports keyboard navigation for accessibility and remote use. I control all the main viewing options via a remote control and view on a large monitor

This should be a no-brainer and something that has been requested frequently in the past. Just about every major music player has it. Come on Roon!!