Booklet page PDF questions

It’s been a while since I scanned and imported any albums, so forgive me if I’m behind the times.

I found some RCA Red Seal classical albums, circa 1960, to import. The only artwork JPGs were usually the front and back covers. Upon entering the Roon watch folder, Roon displays a new PDF file usually called Booklet Entry or somesuch. Here’s one:

Here are my questions/comments about this process:

  1. To whom do we give a shoutout for this Booklet addition? Great idea! Is this coming from the labels, Rovi, Roon, which?
    1a. The inference is that these Booklet pages are available to NEW imports. But what about existing albums? Must they be reimported to receive the PDF?
  2. This is a page from a booklet (see page 219). Where can one get a hard copy of this book?
  3. When importing, Roon hardly ever auto-identifies these old albums. BUT, now, manual IDing of these 60-year old records is usually possible, and usually on the first webpage of choices. So why does Roon have such a problem auto-identifying?
  4. After identifying, though, not much is done: no track names or track times, no recording information, etc. And this causes compositions not to be identified. It’s as if someone has said, “the best we can do is give you a text image of the info on this album. Do with it as you please.” So, is this Roon importing project finished, on hold, or in active development?
  5. It STILL takes about 15 minutes per album to correctly tag and curate. One has to do things like remove the “Sir” in front of a lot of English musicmen, change Wiener Symphoniker to Vienna Symphony Orchestra, remove stray references to composers as artists, and manually enter recording dates and places. Also, one has to add composers occasionally. If a composition remains unIDed, one has to find and import an “exemplar” from Qobuz or TIDAL before Roon’s metadata becomes available.

As fun as this is, one begins to wonder if these very mechanical operations will ever be automated.

To end on a positive note, I remain thankful for the Booklet Page appearing. Keep going.

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