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I tried to find an answer to this but couldn’t. Here is my question. I added a bookmark that saved my current focus (which is songs added in the last three months). Will that bookmark update automatically - meaning, will it always show me songs added in the last three months from today?. The reason why I ask is because when you select the focus “added in the last three months” it shows songs added after a specific date.

Hope the question makes sense :slight_smile: and thanks for your time.

Yes. The bookmark saves the criteria, which then get re-applied when a bookmark is chosen. They are dynamic! It will update the selections automatically.

Hi Bogdan,
I have a different expectation. While Bookmarks save the Focus tool and are ordinarily dynamic, as you have noted the “3 month” reference gets changed to a specific date. Bookmarks I have made with that filter continue to display albums added from the specific date rather than dynamically adjusting to a new date. It’s not a huge hassle because you can easily create a new last 3 months filter, but I would prefer Roon to have a dynamic last 3 months filter.

Thanks for the correction

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I agree with that. It seems an exception to the manner in which bookmarks normally work.


Does this not already exist in Focus? (Played in the last…)

Similar but not the same filter

Thanks andybob, that what I thought too. I like to listen to songs that I liked recently over and over so it would be great for Roon to automatically take out older songs and add new but I understand is just a small inconvenience, I can always use the Focus to do that each day.

The OP and @andybob were talking about Added in the last three months not Played.

If you go to focus (albums or tracks) and choose the date added, there is an option for “Last Three Months”. When you choose that option the tag it adds is date specific. See below:

What they are looking for is a focus that is basically [Added >= Now() - 3 months], that way the criteria changes daily and is always 3 months from today.


Just as @Rugby says. The specific bookmark I’d like to create is:
“Added in Last 3 Months” AND “NOT Played in Last 3 Months”.

That’s exactly it! Thanks for explaining it better than me :slight_smile:. I’m thinking to make a request for this, shouldn’t be hard to implement and would make bookmarks so much more powerful.

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Just wondering if you ever got round to this? I couldn’t immediately see anything in Feature Requests (may have missed it) and would also welcome the same functionality.

I know this is an old thread but hoping this functionality has been added and I am just not understanding how to do it. Like the OP requested, I would like to have a dynamic bookmark that provides a list of albums added in the last week (for instance) so I can always select that bookmark to see what albums I added in the previous seven days.

completely agree!