BookMark on Storage Location - Not Recognizing New Additions

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Description Of Issue
I created a bookmark on a storage location “New Arrivals” which is a subset of my primary collection.

It was working, but now the new titles are only being recognized in the main library with the “New” banner and not even showing in the bookmarked location.

It is set for continuous scan, the titles are definitely there, and I have recreated the bookmark to no avail.

Any Thoughts?

Hi @Craig_Rotermund,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Please show the selected bookmark in Roon, Settings > Storage, and a screenshot of one of the albums that should be appearing in the bookmark.


My email full of screenshots to you bounced. This basic reply window does not accommodate all the screenshots. I have all the requested info. Please advise.



Please advise. I have all the info to send. It will not paste into this box.

Still nothing after a few days? Problem still exists. Please advise.

I figured this out and am sharing the solution. Because the “New Arrivals” folder was a subset of the entire collection it never seemed to display correctly until turning on “Show hidden tracks and albums” as it must have seen them as duplicates. Oddly, it was never consistent. If they are all duplicates, which they were, it shouldn’t have displayed any.

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