Bookmark ordering (1.8/764)

I’m not sure whether this is intentional but reordering Bookmarks on iOS is not replicated on my desktop remotes. I’ve tested iOS/Win 64/macOS and the desktops reflect new Bookmarks created but not in the same (desired) order.

Hello @Daren_Peacock ,

Are you using the same Roon Profile on both Remotes? Can you please share a few screenshots of what you are seeing?

I added ‘test’(1970s under Focus) on my iPad. It was added at at the bottom. I put it at the top to avoid the default position. I switched on my Windows 10 PC, launched Roon > Bookmarks and the ordering is completely different (despite reordering previously to make it consistent). I only have one profile.

I may be wrong about this, but I thought that settings like Sort Orders and Bookmark ordering were tied to each individual Control device, thus they can be arranged differently on different devices.

That’s fine if intended, but I’m sure the desktop has reordered them having previously set them manually for consistency with my iPad,

Hello @Daren_Peacock ,

This is correct here, Bookmarks are a per-device setting and you can re-order them if you click on “manage bookmarks”, so this is expected behavior here. If you’d like to see different behavior for bookmarks, please submit a feature request, thanks!

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