Bookmark sort order should persist across devices

I am a frequent user of the bookmarks feature and keep an elaborate list. The issue I am having is that 1) the sorting order is not maintained, even on a single computer, and 2) the sorting order is not kept in sync across my various remotes.

Is this a known bug/something that can be included in a next release? An alphabetical sort button/option under “manage bookmarks” would also be a valuable addition. Thanks.

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It looks like issue 1 above is actually OK (sorting order maintained per remote), and it is just that the bookmark list is not synced across devices… if this is the case then its not a major hassle to just order them the same way separately on each remote. It would obviously be nicer though if any changes to the list were synced everywhere.

I agree with this, but obviously it has to be maintained per user profile across the devices.