Bookmarking Tidals New albums

Hi, why is there no option to bookmark the Tidal New Albums category?

You can only bookmark things in your library.

As @ged_hickman1 wrote. It might be helpful if we could bookmark any page in Roon, but this would be an awkward way to customize, which is probably better served by making this possible:

Thanks. I only use Tidal, no local files. I just thought, a bookmark is an “abbreviation” for a series of clicks. I can bookmark a selection from the entry “Genres”, so I thought it was obvious that this would also work for a selection in the entry one line below (“Tidal”). Anyway, a few more clicks, not the end of the world, just a little impractical.

A customizable homepage would be great. This has always annoyed me with the apps from Tidal or Apple Music or even BluOS that this is not possible. I had also hoped that this would be possible with roon. That would really be another unique selling point.

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