Bookmarks a Tutorial

Can someone please give me a run through of Bookmarks as I’m just not getting to grips with this feature.

How do you create a Bookmark?

Where are Bookmarks stored for future recall?

What are Bookmark Folders I’ve seen people talking about? How do you create a Folder and where are these stored for recall?

… and anything else I should know about this feature?

Thanks very much.

Hey @timlumley,

You can bookmark pretty much any screen in Roon by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper-right, next to Search. Once you’ve saved a bookmark, it will be available from the same drop down, allowing you to quickly return to the screen you saved.

This lets you easily jump to any albums, artists, or playlists you want regular access to, or to return to a browser with a specific focus or sort. For example, I have a bookmark for album browser sorted by Date Added, so the newest additions to my collection are always just a click away. I also have a bookmark for Soul albums released between 1958 and 1974, just because :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, bookmarks can be sorted by clicking Manage Bookmarks (again under the same menu, once you’ve saved at least one bookmark). For the moment folders of bookmarks are not supported. We’re considering adding this feature in a future release.


Thanks very much @mike that is very helpful

@mike I wonder if I am the only person confused about this as there have been no other posts on this in over 3 years. But…I can’t figure out how to use the “Bookmarks” feature, or if there is some other feature I should use for what I am trying to do.

I have a Bookmark for MQA albums (all from Tidal). It works great. Any time I add an MQA album I can find it again under that bookmark. The process seems to be automatic.

I would like to Bookmark all of the Hi-Res albums I have purchased as downloads from HD Tracks. Can’t figure out how to do it. I marked the first such album “Hi Res” and created a bookmark for it, no problem. But I cannot figure out how to add more albums that will be bookmarked the same way and will come up together as my MQA albums do.

What am I doing wrong? A step-by-step would be really helpful.

I’m guessing that going to Focus, select high res albums and bookmarking that would work?

@ged_hickman1thanks but I’m not following you. I am playing a Hi-Res album now. When I go to “Focus” as you suggest, it brings up 322 albums, many of which are not Hi Res at all (and some are MQA which I don’t want to select in this case). There is no “Hi res albums” to “select” and then “bookmark.”

I have a (bookmarked) focus like this:

you can find these under Focus > Format, like this:


@Dick_Vliek thanks. That was helpful. But…

I see how to make the various resolution rates within “Focus.” But how do I get back there from my Roon home page when I reopen the program?

And – perhaps related – I have no idea how to “bookmark” the focus I have chosen.

Sorry if I appear to me dense about this (it’s how I feel) but I’m not exactly new to computer audio or Roon, but like many folks if something is not intuitive I get lost. As I still am here.

Step 1. make the focus from the album browser (picture 2 above)
Step 2. in the album browser you should now see picture 1 (above), with the focus applied
Step 3:

Click the blue ribon select add bookmark, give it a name and save

you can use that same bookmarkmenu anywhere, anytime in roon to select the bookmark you just made.


Thanks Dick. For some reason I did not see this when you first posted it. I will try to follow your directions.

Many thanks!

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@Dick_Vliek the directions are excellent and worked with no problem. Thanks again!

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will the „add bookmark“ feature come to mobile phones (iPhone here) as well? Or am I just not able to find it?

Hey @ole_johannsen,

Thanks for your question. The bookmarks tab is there, it’s just repositioned a bit.

First click the ‘hamburger’ button (step 1 in screenshot) then click the Bookmarks tab on the next page (step 2 in screenshot)

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