Bookmarks and Tags Confusion

I’ve not created any Tags or Bookmarks for a long time and have forgotten how to set them up properly.

I’ve been buying a lot of the Blue Note 80 vinyl reissues over the last year, and I’d like to make a Bookmark in Roon so I have these specific reissues in digital form.

How can I create a Bookmark like this? AFAIK it’s not possible to Focus on these specific albums because obviously Roon doesn’t know which ones are part of the Blue Note 80 series. Does this mean I need to make a Tag called ‘Blue Note 80’ and manually add it to each album in the series? If I do that, is there any way to create a Bookmark to show them all together?

Thanks for any help guys.

  • Just found that you can Focus on Tags! This must’ve been what I did originally when I created my Lute Music bookmark last year. I assume I must now manually add albums to my Blue Note 80 Tag, then use Focus to view them all it once, then create a Bookmark based on that Focus?

I seem to have managed it:

Glad you got there, but remember that the Knowledge Base is your friend…

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Also remember that you can add Tags to Tags. So if you want a “higher level” category of record label collections or such, you can do that. You just have to limit the number of tags or bookmarks you use or it is hard to find them.

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Didn’t know you could do that, and not sure what you mean, tbh. Could you give an example to explain it please?

Sure. Let’s say you have a Tag you apply to each Blue Note 80 LP. Then you have another Tag you apply to some other series of record label releases, then a third Tag for a third series.

Then you have a bunch of Tags you use for some different purpose. Thus each of the above Tags for record label series gets lost in your list of tags.

So you tag the 3 record label series with a Tag “Record Label Series” Then when you Focus on that Tag, it will only show you the other 3 Tags and sort of works like a folder system, except it has limited value and limited levels before it gets confusing. But it is still helpful for 2-3 levels of logic if you need them.

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Ah right, I get it now. That’s a good idea, because there’s another Blue Note reissue series called Tone Poet. I could make a a tag for that, then another for all Blue Note reissues. Thank you :blush:

No problem! Glad to help.

One more tip: if you embed your tags with some key text, you can then use a bookmark to record a focus (the funnel icon at the top right) to that key text, thus filtering out irrelevant tags. It is cumbersome to set up, but then you can use bookmarks to quickly find related tags.


I have a Tag for Bach Organ Works , most of these are box sets , one is a Naxos series of individual albums

So create a Tag Naxos Bach, then another Bach Organ , add the box sets AND the Tag Bach Naxos

I have never tried nesting deeper

One thing to differentiate,

Tags are fixed , to add more is manual
Bookmarks are Dynamic , so Beethoven Symphony , as you add more afterwards it “grows”

PS the Bookmarks don’t sort , you have to drag em around to order them , Feature Request ?

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A good tip, thank you.

Jeezz so complicated.

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Hi. Can the sort order be saved in a bookmark? I have a great bookmark of tracks played in the last week and want it to sort by date played but it always sorts by album artist when I open the bookmark.

Depends on the bookmark. On a bookmark of tracks, No. On a bookmark of the album page. Yes.
If you notice on the Tracks page, there is no global sort option, like there is on the Albums page.

Gotcha. Do hope that changes in the future. Would be very useful.
One other issue maybe you can answer. Why do some songs not show up in History? Have played a few songs and they don’t show. Songs before show and songs after show. Any ideas?

There are cases where the track is not included in History, l think there is a minimum % played threshold, for example.