Bookmarks disorder

Core Machine

Win 10
NUC 6 i5 SYH
16 ram
64 bit
SSD 120gig
External hard drive 5G

Remote : IPad 5gen

Network Details

D-Link Switch sg105
Hardwired to NUC and Cambridge CNX v2


Audio Devices

Cambridge CNX v2 streamer
Naim Nait 5si
Sansui 9090

Description of Issue

Why Bookmarks are not in order, last time I re did all my Bookmarks on my IPad knowing that all new ones goes at the end. To my surprise I realized that on my desktop station, they where all mixe up… hum
Why they are not in alphabetical and number order like tags and playlistse. It would make things easier to organize and curate. I can push my luck and ask for sub group… I didn’t mention the fol…word
Thank you and continue your good work.

Ps: any idea when the bug on the gear wheel permanent disappearance in the playing view will be fixe. I would like to have the lyrics back so I can sing with my mother in law.

Hi @jpdspin,

I am so sorry that we’ve missed on your post for this long :pleading_face: . Things are looking up and our response times should be much faster than they were in the past few weeks.

Generally, bookmarks are displayed in the order they were created (oldest → newest), but you can always change their order to reflect the one you prefer. Once you click on the bookmark icon select Manage Bookmarks. On the pop up window, you can use the 6 dot button to drag the bookmarks up and down.

Hello Rebeka.
That’s a great news, I’m really happy, it work like a charm.
Have a nice day.
Since you are there, do you have any news on when the bug concerning the different play view presentation will be adresse.
I’ve ask to support, I could I have only the album showing and not the lyrics if I want and they told me to go on the seething wheel, in play mod view. There I could uncheck lyrics and artist pictures.
What I did but now there’s no more settings wheel to come back to lyrics view if I want …so no more Karaoke with my mother in law and that is sad, she loved it so much.
If you have any insight on that issue, it would be appreciated.
Thank you again Rebeka.

You’ve been referred to the thread shown below before. This states that the disappearing gearwheel icon in the Now Playing screen is a bug, and Roon Labs know about it. It will get fixed in a future release.

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