Bookmarks for every track - Classical music concerts need them

I mostly listen to BBC Radio 4 and Radio 3 downloads - plays, documentaries and a lot of Classical concerts. Track play lengths range from 15 minutes to 6 hours, but are typically 1 hour long.

Please can you add a bookmark feature so that, if I’m in the middle of a concert or play and want to break to live Radio, or just something else on my NAS, I can return to exactly the place I left off. Currently I have to remember where I was, which isn’t an acceptable solution.

My Roon solution is now on a QNAP TVS-473 with 36Gb Ram, 20 Gb NAS storage, Samsung 860 EVO 256 Gb cache, feeding Sonos One, Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar, iPhone and iPads

This is a similar use case as the request for Audiobook Bookmarks:

Also valid for downloaded Podcasts.

I’d like to see this implemented as an “in-track placemark” for all these use cases.

Thanks, Geoff - I realised that this applies to Audiobooks - I suspect I have seen that post - but the reason I raised it with the title I did is that, surely, there must be a lot of Roon Users who enjoy Classical music? I am trying to highlight (and I guess garner support) for the request via that group.

Surely the majority of software developers accept (and actively encourage) feature requests and feedback and actually respond to their user community about individual requests?

I don’t see much evidence from the posts I have read on this forum that that is how Roon responds. In fact, there seems to be a lot of evidence to the contrary. Any thoughts on that?

You could save the balance of the album or playlist as a playlist. If you wanted to restart within a movement, just make the elapsed time of the movement where you stopped part of the playlist name. “Finish listening to Mozart, Adagio, 6:40”. I wouldn’t want to restart half way through a movement though.

That’s a neat workaround, Jez. I might try that.

But it is still unnecessary on any other player that I use on my iPhone, so I still don’t understand why it isn’t part of the core product?

BTW - I agree with you when it’s Classical music I’m listening to. But it is also the case that my lovely Wife interrupts when I’m listening to the spoken word (eg a BBC Radio Drama), which I can go back to fairly easily - provided that I also have skip forward/backward buttons [+20, -20 seconds etc] which is the other feature I have asked for today. They very much go together for flexible listening.

Fair enough, but in the case where you get interrupted and want to jump back 10 or 20 seconds the progress bar at the bottom should do that, although it is fiddly.