Bookmarks, I obviously don't understand how they work

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.8 (build 778) on macOS 11.2.3

I’ve read and followed this thread, which may be too old to help.

But I can’t see how to use Bookmarks in Roon the way I want.

For instance, I am listening to Simon Preston’s excellent survey of Bach’s organ music. It was issued on 14 CDs, each with a dozen or two (or so) tracks.

Roon has - of course - ordered these as it should:

1 - 1, 1 - 2, 1 - 3, 1 - 4… etc all the way to …14 - 9.

At each session’s listening I want to be able to pick up at the track where I left off the session before.

The only way I have found of doing this is by scrolling down until I come to a lower number (0 during the first cycle’s listening) of ‘Plays’ than those above.

I see how to create a bookmark.

But nothing happens when I (single-)click on the Bookmark in question at the start of the next session.

Although such a Bookmark serves as a useful text note of where I am up to - because I name the Bookmark accordingly (e.g. Up to 10 - 6), I would like to be taken to the view I had when I last stopped, scrolled down to the track I paused at and be able to resume listening.

Should I perhaps be creating a Focus to do this?

Any help and directions as to how to do what I want gratefully received.


Bookmarks are to provide shortcuts to views. You can read about them here:

So they’re not the tool for your task. Presumably you’re playing other things on the endpoint in between the Bach sessions? If not just hit stop and play when you return?

If you are, then what you want is a “saved play state” queue. I don’t think that’s a Roon feature. There is a hacky fix I can think of where you could transfer the queue to an unused endpoint like your phone. You could then transfer it back when you wanted to resume.

I’m just another user BTW, support may have better suggestions when they reply.

Thank you very much for your helpful reply, @killdozer!

Yes, I am - usually. I’d like always to have the option to do so.

I would have thought that as well, Yes :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t really work because Play only displays the current track at the very bottom of the Roon window; and not the list of previous and upcoming tracks.

What’s more, doing what you kindly suggest usually only Plays one track - instead of Play from here.

I only have one Endpoint, so your transfer hack (thanks!) won’t really apply, I don’t think.

Could this be a case for using Focus?

Still grateful - for your and anyone else’s suggestions!

What do you use as a remote out of interest @Mark_Sealey ? Sorry I’m at my PC way too much?

Roon 1.8 build 783 (just updated itself a few minutes ago) on macOS 11.2.3 with a USB connection to ParaSound Halo P6 with A23 amp.

The Queue is what holds the list of the previous and upcoming tracks. Try exploring the Queue to see if that will help you.

On the Playbar, click the Queue icon:

That will open up the Queue screen for the current Zone that you are playing to. It will open with what appears to be a blank screen with the currently playing track at the top, but the screen is scrollable, and you can scroll backwards and forwards to any point in the queue.

There’s a Help article on using the Queue here, but this was made for version 1.7 of Roon. There are some changes with 1.8, but the principles remain the same.

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Thanks, @Geoff_Coupe!

I had never really used The Queue; could well help.

Have read the article you kindly draw my attention to.

But can it be made to show the actual track numbers, please?

(How) could it be used to mark listening progress through an Album?

I guess I am not really understanding what it is a queue of. It’s not really like ‘Next up’ in iTunes, is it?

Does the concept of ‘…waiting to be played…’ mean that Roon has identified such tracks as are in the queue as belonging to an album or several CDs which compose the album?

The queue is bi- directional so it’s what is playing, what is about to be played and what has been played.

I think your best option when you stop listening is to create a playlist of upcoming tracks (by clicking the 3 dots as in picture) and this will allow you resume where you left off



Thanks, @Sloop_John_B !

That’s a brilliant and elegant solution.

Then, all I have to do is double-click on the Playlist and it will take me directly to the next track and start playing from there.

Thanks again!