Bookmarks Management pleeeeaaaazzzz…

It will be nice to can sort the Bookmark in different order : by name, by date… And even better if roon can know if an album is already on the bookmark liste or at least if roon can show duplicates bookmarks…


I suppose you are aware of the possibilities offered?

Sort by dragging on the triple lines;

But i agree, Bookmarks can be very much more useful by allowing some dynamic sorting options, allow for creating folders for the Bookmark menu! (etc etc)
Oh, holy cow! Kryptonite for the Roon Team! :smiley:

Strong support for this request. The existing options are very limited unfortunately.

I know what you show me… of course !!! But my bookmark list his really really big (it’s my way actually to locate the interesting alb of library… Maybe with tags ???)… so manually its not possible to manage them… And how can you see if a bookmark laready exist for one alb f.e. ???

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Relevant questions, and this is really a part of Roon that needs some restoration.
I just noticed that there is no problems whatsoever creating more than one bookmark with identical names?

I suspect language may be an issue here, but why would you bookmark one album? Don’t the search and filter functions work for you?

Top of my head, it would be great to be able to move up and down, bookmarks. In case I want some bookmarks to be closer to other bookmarks. This would greatly benefit those who’s bookmark list continues to grow.


This you can do. Under manage bookmarks use the handle—three bars—and drag to your preferred position.

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It’s the way for me to find artists I just heard One time and I forget the name !!! It’s justt a easy way to find several time pepit that I forget the name of the artist !!!

What is it you are bookmarking exactly?

Sounds like you are doing something similar to me. I keep two types of bookmarks mostly: 1) Focus on release by year 2) Focus on release by year AND unplayed.

When I discover an album that enjoy me, to keep an ears on it (with my whelk brain !!!) i’ll bookmark the album like this “Artist - Album [Musical Style]”… So when I want to listen my favorite discoveries I just open the bokkmark and go directly to the album I choose to listen !!! That’s all…

You could probably, more easily, use tags for that.

One bookmark per album? Jeeez, that would get out of hand quickly.

Sweet! Thanks!, @Martin_Webster .
I’ll try it out, next time.

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As someone said it may be easier to do this with a tag. So if you have an album you want to remember, create a tag like Reminder. You can tag as many albums as you like with the Reminder tag, then when you focus on the Reminder tag you get a list of the albums you tagged. When you no longer want to be reminded about a particular album simply delete the Reminder tag from the album. All the other albums will continue to be tagged under Reminder.

Udertood… I never find how to use it… You show me the way !!! Thx…

This is the end of the “Bookmarks time” !!!